About Wende Kashin Obata Art



My formal education and career has been primarily in the fields of various modalities of counseling.

Upon retirement in 2005,  I discovered an insatiable desire to rediscover my  spirit through artful


Art is my form of meditation, celebration, liberation and exaltation .  

And if it puts a smile on anyone’s face or joy in their heart even for a fleeting moment, that’s the best gift! 


Originally from Buffalo, NY  June 28,1949

Bachelors from University of San Francisco, Masters in Counseling from National University 

Retired from  a fullfiling career in a broad spectrum of professional counseling, public and private sector.  

Owner and Executive Director of Counseling Innovations for 19 years.

Self taught, intuitive, and experimental.  Presently, concentrating in abstract mixed media.  Focused on flow, movement, texture, and color that provokes a strong emotional response.

Recently, (summer of 2017) relocated to Heritage Park after 25 years in Stockton,California.

Run a  home-based, art studio and gallery with over 100 pieces on display and for sale.


April 24th to May 13th, 2018 ARTISTIC JOURNEY 2018 show at the Sacramento Fine Arts Center in Carmichael, CA

May 12, 2018  - Reception  ,  Award  Ceremony    NCA ,(  Notthern California Arts)  Florence Forraria Memorial Award for abstract mixed media painting,   “Aqua Dreams”.

June 2018.  Black and white exhibition. Sacramento Fibe Arts Center

2nd Saturday art walk Sacramento - Kennedy Center.  

On going  approx 20 paintings available for enjoyment and purchase at Kennedy Gallery

January 1-31 , 2019Solo exhibition.  Opening reception to be announced. 

September 2018  KVIE  Live Auction    BELL RINGER,,

Permanent installation  : The Lisa Project of the San Joaquin County Child Abuse Prevention Center in Stockton, California. 

Private touring of gallery available , Sacramento, California  for scheduling,  please EMAIL 


A  FULLY STOCKED HOME .  WOODLAND.  CAL    This fabulous unique home art full shop is featuring my one artist works throughout the month .

Mark your calendar for the first Friday art walk.   A Fully Stocked Home will treat you royally with wine and appetizers as they display the most unique and fabulous home gifts   6-8  pm.   JOIN WOODLAND IN SUPPORTING THEIR  ARTS,


July 7.  blue line Arts , Roseville Ca.  Enrollment application on line at Blue Line .  contact artist directly with inquiries.   FULL

August 13, 2018. Sacramento Fine Arts Center   Contact artist directly for inquiries and enrollment .   FULL

SEPTEMBER 1, 2018.    Blue line  arts    FULL

SEPTEMBER 17, 2018.  H P  clubhouse.     FULL

OCTOBER 21,  2018.  Sacramento Fine Arts Center.   Taking enrollment

OCTOBER 27, 2018. H P Clubhouse.    Taking enrollment

       Break till 2019

January 13, 2018.  Advanced level. Workshop

JANUARY 26  2019. Pence Gallery Davis 

FEBRUARY 3 , 2018.  BLUELINE ARTS.   ROSEVILLE.    VALENTINE”s theme.   Coordinating vase and painting

JANUARY 2018.  Crocker Arts.    TBA 

Private group  playshops available :  introducton to Cathartic fluid pours .   Super for all ages and occasions.   

NEW !!!     I will be available for private and semi private studio classes   Please contact me for particulars 

Please contact artist  for inquiries.


209 351 0980

***** direct sales include a 10 % charitable donation.

email:  wkoartist@gmail.com